Revolution Talent Competition

2012 Schedule

Competition Date
City State Start Date
Baton Rouge LA Jan 20, 2012
Milwaukee WI Feb 3, 2012
Pittsburgh PA Feb 3, 2012
Pomona CA Feb 10, 2012
Des Moines IA Feb 17, 2012
San Diego CA Feb 17, 2012
St. Louis MO Feb 24, 2012
Minneapolis MN Feb 24, 2012
Baltimore MD Mar 2, 2012
Chicago IL Mar 2, 2012
East Brunswick NJ Mar 9, 2012
Columbus OH Mar 9, 2012
Birmingham AL Mar 16, 2012
Colorado Springs CO Mar 16, 2012
Kansas City MO Mar 23, 2012
Dallas TX Mar 30, 2012
Long Island NY Mar 30, 2012
Woodbridge I VA Apr 13, 2012
Woodbridge II VA Apr 13, 2012
San Antonio TX Apr 20, 2012
Greensboro NC Apr 20, 2012
Sewell NJ Apr 27, 2012
Fresno CA Apr 27, 2012
Hot Springs AR May 4, 2012
Houston TX May 4, 2012
Savannah GA May 11, 2012
Ft. Lauderdale FL May 11, 2012
Detroit MI May 18, 2012
Springfield MA May 18, 2012
Chicago IL Jul 10, 2012
Virginia Beach VA Jul 17, 2012

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Phone: (240) 412-1948

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Mailing Address:

Revolution Talent Competition
600 South East Crain Highway
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Talent Competition Rules

Download 2011 Rules!

2011 Show Results

Austin, TX

Houston, TX

Baltimore, MD

Kansas City, MO

Baton Rouge, LA

Long Island, NY

Birmingham, AL

Minneapolis, MN

Colorado Springs, CO

Niagara Falls, NY

Columbus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Dallas, TX

San Diego, CA

Des Moines, IA

Savannah, GA

Detroit, MI

Sewell, NJ

East Brunswick, NJ

Springfield, MA

Fresno, CA

St Louis, MO

FT Lauderdale, FL

Woodbridge - Freedom

Greensboro, NC

Woodbridge - Forest Park

Hot Springs, AR

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